Gas Fireplace Safety Tips For Beginners

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There are several reasons you may choose a gas fireplace over a traditional wood-burning fireplace, including a gas fireplace's ability to deliver even heat, the lack of cleaning involved, and the fact that a gas fireplace can save you a lot on your monthly energy bills during winter. Gas fireplaces are also safer, but only if you operate and care for your gas fireplace correctly. Here are a few beginners' safety tips for gas fireplace owners.

Schedule a Yearly Inspection

Just like a traditional wood-burning fireplace, your gas fireplace will require a yearly inspection. Schedule this inspection before you turn on your gas fireplace for the season. In addition to helping your gas fireplace run more efficiently, a yearly inspection can help ensure that any damage or worn parts can be repaired or replaced.

Create a Safe Zone Around the Gas Fireplace

Your gas fireplace can become very hot, which is why it is important to create a ring of safety around the fireplace. As a general rule, do not place anything flammable any closer than three to four feet around your gas fireplace. This includes any furniture, books, blankets, or curtains. Do not allow your pets or children within three to four feet of the gas fireplace, as well.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Like your natural gas furnace and appliances, your gas fireplace will emit carbon monoxide, which is an odorless gas that is potentially dangerous to humans and pets. A gas fireplace will vent the toxic carbon monoxide through the chimney, where it will be safely dispersed into the air. However, if there is a malfunction or the chimney becomes blocked, carbon monoxide can leak into your home and make your family sick.

Install a carbon monoxide detector in the same room as the gas fireplace. The warm air of the gas fireplace will rise, so it is advisable to install the carbon monoxide detector at least four to five feet off the ground. Test your carbon monoxide detector periodically to ensure it is functioning and that the batteries do not need to be replaced.

Do Not Leave the Gas Fireplace Unsupervised

Always have someone present in your home and able to watch your fireplace when it is in use. Even if you create a safety zone, there is still a chance a pet or child might wander by the fireplace and become injured. Turn off the fireplace if you are leaving your home or are not able to watch the unit properly.

From scheduling an annual inspection to installing a carbon monoxide detector, there are several safety tips you should follow while enjoying your gas fireplace. Contact a gas fireplace installation service to learn more.

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